About Patrons

The Handwritten Cache of goods…

Patrons of the Pen was inspired first and foremost by the prolific correspondence of two individual people.
~Judith and Rebecca~

I am Rebecca, 1/2 of the dynamic letter duo.

 Judith and I have written letters to each other for years now, hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of them. Proclaiming ourselves, “Patrons of the Pen”, became our mantra after we both expressed how insignificant the word “Pen-Pal” described our love of handwritten letters and long distance correspondence.

Along with my love of handwriting letters and journal writing,  is the never ending pursuit of beautiful journals, unique stationery and ways to enhance my experience.  I believe the written word deserves a canvas that will withstand the hands of time and compliment the heartfelt notions of the writer.

This website is for the person who understands some paper demands special pens and not all stationery or journals have lines and displays rainbows or teddy bears.

Patrons of the Pen is about the quest for extraordinary possibilities in the expression of the written word.

Rebecca Anne aka Patron