Holiday Correspondence: Cavallini Christmas Postcard Set

Holiday Postcards, Seasons Greetings, Postcard

I absolutely love this postcard set. I first discovered them a few years ago and not a season has gone by that I haven't grabbed a couple of these sets of postcards to add to my holiday correspondence cache. The picture will never do it justice, but there is glitter (not at all in a tacky way) outlining the different shapes in each postcard and it's beautiful. For a quick … [Read more...]

Postcards: Small with a side of Fanciful Twist


I love all things unique and original. In my quest to discover what others may not easily find I often turn to¬†Etsy for handmade and non-commercial products. Postcards are the little sister of the stationery world that pack a big impact. I for one love getting little notes from afar that show me where a person is currently traveling or just letting me know they were thinking … [Read more...]