What to write in a Christmas Thank You


Christmas Thank You Cards are a perfect way to follow up with someone after Christmas for many reasons. You received a gift from someone Someone did something nice for you or your family You want to show appreciation to someone for any reason you feel good about Someone baked you holiday cookies...or even gave you a fruit cake (grin) Someone helped you, or someone … [Read more...]

Writing a Christmas Letter for your Christmas Cards

Writing A Christmas Letter

Christmas Cards are¬†typically¬†a brief greeting that one sends out to family and friends and I recently wrote about simple messages that can go into a Christmas card here. Writing a yearly Christmas letter that goes along with your Christmas cards can be a fantastic enhancement to your efforts. A Christmas Letter is something that you can type up once, print off on your … [Read more...]

Christmas Cards, What to Write Inside…


It happens every year. I sit down with 3 or 4 boxes of newly purchased Christmas cards. A long (long) list of addresses and it's time to write 60+ Christmas greetings to family and friends and I ponder... ...what to write inside a Christmas Card this year... As much as I would love to say I write a personal and unique message to each and every person on my Christmas card … [Read more...]