A Personal Writing Corner

A personal writing corner

I take the idea of finding your own corner of writing space to the point...of a corner that is. It doesn't take a 'special spot' to sit down and write. I'm a firm believer in writing whenever - wherever you can, but with that being said, finding your personal 'sweet spot' can certainly enhance the experience. I've found over the years that … [Click Here To Read More...]

Penpals and Writing Letters by the Number

Penpal, Penpals, Writing Letters

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a Long Term Penpal Relationship with someone, then you already know how quickly the outgoing and incoming letters can accumulate. After many years of sending out letters into the world, I realized I wanted a tracking system. A personal record of my activities that I could refer to when the mood strikes … [Click Here To Read More...]

Writing Tools: A Pen Holder for your Moleskine

Moleskine Pen Holder, Journal Pen Holder, The Writing Life

When you do something A LOT, like writing in a journal or penning letters, you look for the things that not only enhance your experience, but also simplify your process. Ok, so a pen holder may seem like a small detail in the writing experience, but if you find yourself constantly searching for your favorite pen, or losing pens...a pen holder … [Click Here To Read More...]

Writing a Personal Journal

Write more often, write more, daily writing in 2014

Resolution: Daily Writing in the New Year

Setting a resolution to write daily -- or even weekly, or monthly -- for the New Year is an achievable and beneficial personal goal to set . It doesn't deprive you of food, it doesn't require a membership anywhere, the cost is cheaper than a latte … [Read More...]


Writing a Personal Journal: Keep It Private

If I had a choice in the matter, I'd rig all of my journals to blind anyone who dared open them without permission by a light more blazing than the sun. I think one of the struggles everyone who journals on a personal level encounters is the … [Read More...]

Old book with feather and inkpot

Writing a Personal Journal: Keep it Honest

When you sit down to write your next journal entry, picture this... In 10 years from now, your older self opens your current journal to revisit the past and reads about what it was like in their life during the summer of 2012. That older … [Read More...]

Personal Diary of Famous Writers

Writing a Personal Journal: It’s in the Details

As a prolific writer, I find myself drawn to reading other journals and letters from people of the past. If the book says, Personal Diary or Personal Letters of so and so, I buy it. Virginia Woolf was a prolific writer herself, both as her 'work' … [Read More...]

~Always Date anything Handwritten~

Dear Diary Dates: Lessons in Journal Writing

Looking back over my writing life, I can see stages where my personal evolution of style, purpose and attention in all things I've wrote shifted. I hesitate to claim the simple act of aging has been the stepping stone to my writing maturity because … [Read More...]

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