A Personal Writing Corner

Creating Your Personal Writing SpaceI take the idea of finding your own corner of writing space to the point…of a corner that is.

It doesn’t take a ‘special spot’ to sit down and write. I’m a firm believer in writing whenever – wherever you can, but with that being said, finding your personal ‘sweet spot’ can certainly enhance the experience.

A personal writing cornerI’ve found over the years that for me, nothing beats a nice table corner. A table gives me a hard writing surface that doesn’t shift (like holding a journal in my lap) and space to spread out all my writing journals, stationery and pens within easy reach.

Plus, having a table corner near a big window with natural light streaming into my writing space is the perfect stamp to the mood.

If you haven’t found your writing ‘sweet spot’ just move around your home, try out different chairs, corners, couches, tables etc until you find the spot that you feel most comfortable. Kind of like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

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