Gifts to Get A Writer

So you have a writer in your life that you would like to get a gift for?

You came to the right place because as a writer myself, I can assure you, we are fairly easy to please on the gift front.

It’s important to realize that someone who loves to write, whether that’s on a computer, handwritten journals, notebook or loose leaf paper, has a need to take words, sentences, thoughts from mind to tangible.

That’s all. A simple transfer from one place to another…if I may.

Which is why you’ll find that anyone who loves to write likes to surround themselves with as many tools as possible to capture their creativeness.

Idea’s to buy for the Writer in your Life:

  • Moleskin Notebooks ~ Any writer can use as many of these notebooks as they can get their hands on. We can use them for so many different ideas, writing categories, to organize our thoughts, write rough drafts, keep our notes contained and so on…The writer can have one of these notebooks placed strategically around the house, car, purse, nightstand and so on so that when the thought strikes, we can take quick notes.
  • Leather Journals ~ You can’t go wrong with a Leather journal for writers. We love the look, feel and tactile experience writing in a leather journal provides. Some Leather journals have lines, some do not. It might be a good idea to find out if the writer you are buying for prefers one over the other. I personally like a blank page over a lined page. Lines make me feel like I’m ‘boxed’ in and limited.
  • Stationery ~ A writer can use stationery beyond the obvious of writing letters to another person. Good stationery is like loose leaf paper and we can jot notes down to ourselves, put a poem on a pretty piece of paper for later, or simply use the stationery for quick doodles.
  • Pens ~ A writer loves a good pen. Pens don’t have to cost a fortune, for example, recently I wrote about a pen that I adore and it costs 5 dollars for two of them.  But you can invest in a pen that is for a lifetime and you’re writer will adore you for it. A quick look around Amazon will give you enough pen choices that you’ll need to make your choice on cost alone.
  • Books ~ A writer will naturally love to read the written word, so you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to a bookstore or Amazon online. If you’d like to take a chance on buying a specific book, look for books about writing, or book that are journals, or about the writing life of another.

It really is that simple. Buy them paper to write on, pens to write with and books to read.

For a writer there is nothing better then the feeling of writing in a brand new notebook or journal with a pen that compliments the experience. Plus…a writer can NEVER have to many writing tools. Never…

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