Writing Tools: A Pen Holder for your Moleskine

When you do something A LOT, like writing in a journal or penning letters, you look for the things that not only enhance your experience, but also simplify your process. Moleskine Pen Holder, Journal Pen Holder, The Writing LifeOk, so a pen holder may seem like a small detail in the writing experience, but if you find yourself constantly searching for your favorite pen, or losing pens…a pen holder starts to feel more and more important.

Moleskine Journals are my personal choice in journals, so I looked high and low for a pen holder that would join seamlessly with my journal.

pen holder, moleskine pen holderI bought my Journal Bandolier a year ago and with my daily (ab)use — it’s still in great condition, holds my pens perfectly and still wraps tightly around my moleskine journals.

I like then I can toss my journal & pens together in my bag and when I’m ready to write, everything I need is RIGHT THERE. No searching, no digging around in my bag for pens.

I just slip the Bandolier off my Moleskine, grab the pen of the moment and away I go.

Seamless. Together. Like a puzzle. Exactly what I needed.

And for the record, the bandolier I got is for a Large sized moleskine which has 7 pen loops. As you can see in the pictures, I manage to tuck many more than 7 pens between the spaces and the loops. I blame my pen hoarding tendencies for pushing the limits.

Pen Holder Solution: Visit Cleverhands on Etsy and view the LARGE selection of Journal Bandoliers. 

moleskine pen holder, pen holder, journaling
Pens — Contained!

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