Writing a Personal Journal: Keep It Private

If I had a choice in the matter, I’d rig all of my journals to blind anyone who dared open them without permission by a light more blazing than the sun.

I think one of the struggles everyone who journals on a personal level encounters is the possibility of someone, whether stranger or close, could read their inner most thoughts.

I know it’s always been a real concern of mine and even when I was a little girl, the security of a tiny little lock on my diary provided very little comfort.

My brother had no issue picking it…

The chance of a stranger reading your words could only happen if you lose your journal in public. The real possibility of an invasion of privacy will come from the people who know you.

I’d say threaten bodily harm, but I did that with my Brother when I was little and it only encouraged him to steal my diary. So since then, I’ve tried not to bring too much attention to my journals.

I’ve found over the years that simply explaining to my loved ones that I consider my journals my most private and personal treasures and to read them without my permission would be a heartbreaking breach of my trust.

That seems to have kept prying eyes out of my personal journals, but I admit, I am also careful about where my journals are stored.

My current journals stay in a book bag or my purse that is typically with me where ever I go. My finished journals are stored in a huge steamer trunk that locks.

Keep your personal journal private, safe and you’ll beĀ comfortable writing honestly in it.


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