Writing a Personal Journal: Keep it Honest

When you sit down to write your next journal entry, picture this…

In 10 years from now, your older self opens your current journal to revisit the past and reads about what it was like in their life during the summer of 2012.

That older version of you will want to know what they were thinking, doing, feeling and experiencing in 2012, so it’s up to the current you to be honest in your writing.

Write the wonderful, write the struggles, write the activities you are engaged in and write honestly about how they made you feel.

I regret my lack of honesty in my earlier journals. If I were to pinpoint my reasoning for keeping certain feelings and thoughts out of my journals in the past, I will admit I was afraid of ‘others’ or my journal falling into the wrong hands and I would be exposed for all my internal thoughts.

That fear had/has been unfounded. I store my journals in a safe place, the people around me respect my privacy and reading back through my earlier journals now, I regret my lack of honesty and details. For example, in the past, I wrote in an elusive tone. Hinting at certain turmoils or struggles, without naming names or instances.

The current ‘me’ is frustrated by passages that aren’t whole and honest. I WANT the details. I want to read my truths. I want to remember it all…

Write a Journal. Keep it Honest.


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