It’s Time: Moleskine Weekly Planners

Moleskin 2012 Planner

It’s that time of the year when I get excited to buy a new planner for the upcoming year.

Every new year deserves a fresh clean start and nothing says clean slate like a new planner for the year.

A few years ago I discovered the Moleskine version of a yearly planner and I haven’t gone with anything else since.

I personally use the hardback version (although it does come in a softcover as well) because I can be rough on certain things, like a planner I always carry with me.

I like the simplicity of the Moleskine planner. It shows one week at a time, which is nice, but more importantly, on the flip side, it gives me one whole blank page for scribbles, notes and whatnot’s for each week.  I need the free reign of a blank page to keep my notes, my to-do lists and various other things that come up in any normal week.

It features the classic Moleskine expandable pocket in the back which is great for keeping receipts and any other items one needs to save.

This system is streamlined without any nonsense and I for one can’t imagine going with any other planner next year.

Product Information: MOLESKINE  calendar Weekly Notebook Diary Planner $18.95

This Moleskine weekly planner is perfect for business, home, or travel to jot down those important dates, appointments and notes. Today they are seen absorbing stories on trails and mountains journaling adventures; recording data at engineering sites; at coffee shops soaking up ideas and capturing artistic designs; at hospitals recording procedures, on planes keeping track of what has and is to happen – – in all cases being a trusted traveling companion. Each book has 144 pages and the expandable inner pocket with adhesive labels. Week to view on one page and full ruled page for notes!

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