Amalfi Handmade Stationery: Extraordinary

Amalfi Writing Paper, Writing Penpals, Hand Written Letters

I get a lot of search traffic looking for what I consider the Holy Grail of writing stationery---Italian Amalfi Handmade Stationery. If you've come here wondering about it, let me tell you, there is nothing like Amalfi paper. It's divine to the touch. It takes the ink from almost any type of pen like water rolls over rocks in a river. When you take the time to send a … [Read more...]

An Everyday Stationery: G. Lalo Verge De France

Available in many different color versions

I've come to rely on a few types of stationery that fall into the 'old reliable' category in my stationery arsenal. Everyone needs a stationery that is enjoyable in an all purpose---YET---elegant and respectable sort of way. Meaning, if I want to fire off a quick letter that perhaps isn't long and drawn out, then I need a stationery that is not only affordable, it stands … [Read more...]