An Everyday Stationery: G. Lalo Verge De France

Available in many different color versions

I’ve come to rely on a few types of stationery that fall into the ‘old reliable’ category in my stationery arsenal.

Everyone needs a stationery that is enjoyable in an all purpose—YET—elegant and respectable sort of way.

Meaning, if I want to fire off a quick letter that perhaps isn’t long and drawn out, then I need a stationery that is not only affordable, it stands for the day to day correspondence occasion.

This is where the G Lalo Turquoise Writing Tablet with Matching Envelopes come in. The idea of a tablet would normally make me cringe and look the other way.

Tablets are what one usually finds in say…a supermarket stationery selection, but I discovered the Verge De France tablets in an actual stationery store, so I got to look things over prior to purchase.

Yes, you pull pages out from the tablet, but the paper is divine, the size is perfect for a quick letter and the matching envelopes compliment the entire set up. There are no lines, or rainbows or cute little teddy bears in the corner ala supermarket tablet. This stationery is as plain and simple as you can get…with understated style!

My pens approved, my penpals approved, my pocket book approved and my enjoyment factor which is always important when I sit down to write— is a solid 7.

This stationery comes in MANY different colors and for that, I am grateful.

Stationery Information:  G Lalo Turquoise Writing Tablet with Matching Envelopes ~ G. Lalo, a Parisian social stationery manufacturer since 1919, became throughout the years the stationery of reference both in Paris’ high society and the royal courts of Europe, such as Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Monaco. Today, G. Lalo continues its tradition of handcrafted quality and elegance, expressed now in the colors and excitement of the 21st century. The “Verge de France” and “Mode de Paris” collections are examples of G. Lalo’s excellent taste in contemporary fashion

  • 50 Sheets 5 3/4″ X 8 1/4″
  • 25 Envelopes
  • Watermarked, 100g Laid Finish Paper Stock

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