Writing Letters: Be Your Child’s Memory Keeper


A long time ago I realized that daily moments with my daughters... the little things like mini-milestones or special moments that brought joy to my day, were getting 'lost' in the day to day of life. The fact of the matter was this:¬†Great moments turn into memories and if you don't take the time to capture them properly, they can (and will) disappear with time. Also Known As -- … [Read more...]

Handmade Stationery For the Senses

Penpals, Writing Sheets, Stationery, Hand written letters

So I'll just admit it. I have a special thing for natural handmade stationery. Well, maybe a 'special thing' is explaining it lightly. I have a very real attraction to a paper that feels like it has individuality and personality. Natural paper does that for me. The feel, the look, the way it absorbs ink from the right pen. I believe the act of handwriting letters … [Read more...]