Handmade Stationery For the Senses

So I’ll just admit it.

I have a special thing for natural handmade stationery. Well, maybe a ‘special thing’ is explaining it lightly.

I have a very real attraction to a paper that feels like it has individuality and personality. Natural paper does that for me.

The feel, the look, the way it absorbs ink from the right pen.

I believe the act of handwriting letters can be enhanced ten-fold when someone uses stationery and pens that appeal to them personally. Please the senses if I may…

For me….the stationery I just purchased will compliment my time nicely.

Stationery Info: Unique, nature inspired designs for the discerning, environmentally responsible individuals. This is handcrafted by a small organization made up of mostly women in South India with a commitment to creating ecologically sound products. It takes about 3 days from the process of collecting leaves, flowers, pods, etc. to the final calendaring of nature’s designs and yield a sheet of paper. This paper is stronger, more beautiful than industrial papers, offers a great variety in texture and color depending on the combination of fibers used. The paper is made from cotton rags and vegetal fibers, does not require felling of trees. No endangered vegetal fibers are used to create this product.

The Link: Pressed Art

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