Writing Tools: A Pen Holder for your Moleskine

moleskine pen holder, pen holder, journaling

When you do something A LOT, like writing in a journal or penning letters, you look for the things that not only enhance your experience, but also simplify your process. Ok, so a pen holder may seem like a small detail in the writing experience, but if you find yourself constantly searching for your favorite pen, or losing pens...a pen holder starts to feel more and more … [Read more...]

Sharpie: The All Around Pen for Handwriting…

Simple but enjoyable

It may not be elegant. It may not be expensive. But I've found my favorite pen to grab when writing in my journals or penning a letter to a good friend, is a Sharpie. More Specifically: The¬†Sharpie Grip Stick Fine Point Pen. Expensive and elegant pens around the world just groaned and maybe even eye rolled at my claim. I've yet to find a piece of paper that … [Read more...]