Personalized Stationery For Kids

One of my friends recently asked me about personalized stationery for kids. Specifically, for her daughter who is 9 years old.

First off, it’s always time to get young kids in the habit of writing little notes for any reason. Giving the young ones personalized stationery will help add a degree of ‘mine’ to the act.

My daughters loved the process of writing a note, putting the stamp on it and then finally putting it in the mail when they were little.

Now that they are in their late teens, the ritual has stuck with them and they reach for a notecard anytime they want to send off a thank you…or a I’m thinking of you card.

I’m hoping that the ritual of writing handwritten letters/notes will stick with them for a lifetime!

Affordable Personalized Stationery For Kids
Personalized Stationery For Kids

When I went looking for Personalized Stationery for Kids, my reliable Amazon produced quite a few options. More importantly, I discovered affordable personalized stationery for kids that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Personalized Stationery For Kids Pictured: Dotted Cards, Personalized Stationery for Kids Just $26. Each set includes 50 Personalized Flat Cards & Envelopes, 6.25 x 4.5.

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