Have a Card on hand for All Occasions

All Occasion Boxed CardsI imagine we’ve all been there.

An occasion calls for a card and we’ve waited until the last minute to buy one. During moments like that we can either:

  • Be late to the party by making an emergency stop at the nearest superstore…
  • Write a message on a plain note card or piece of paper…
  • Show up empty handed in the card department…

Which is why having ‘spare’ cards at home can be extremely handy when a need arises.

I just ordered this set of (emergency) Occasion Cards and wanted to share. I like that the design is crisp and simple which means it could easily go for a lady or male friend/family member.

I’d like to claim that I’m always days ahead of the curve ball, but sometimes..you know…life happens and when it does, it’s a much better when I have a nice little backup when it comes to my Stationery and Cards.

Cards Pictured Information via Amazon: Bob’s Your Uncle Emergency Box of Cards This Emergency Box of eight assorted cards with orange envelopes includes cards for unexpected or forgotten occasions, including: birthday, wedding, new baby, thank you, congratulations, get well, bon voyage. Packaged in a craft box with a contents wrapper.

  • Set includes 8 assorted cards
  • Printed on FSC certified paper with soy inks
  • Includes paper envelopes in a craft box

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