Christmas Thank You Card for Kids: Postcard

Kids Thank You Postcard for Christmas

I just ran across these Holiday Thank You postcards designed specifically for kids to fill out and send after the Holiday Season. I think they are FANTASTIC! They are simple, inexpensive and attractive to a little one. Kids are never to young to learn the act of writing a Thank You note and these little postcards are a great start. Christmas Thank You for Kids … [Read more...]

New Year Cards

New Year Card Boxed Set

New Year Cards, that's right, Christmas isn't even here yet, but there's no better time than now to buy your New Year Cards and get to writing and stamping. New Year Cards are another one of those opportunities to reach out through the snail mail that I believe is often overlooked. No doubt about it that Christmas Cards has locked in the corner market in card priorities, … [Read more...]

Gifts to Get A Writer

Daily Writing Inspirations, Daily Writing

So you have a writer in your life that you would like to get a gift for? You came to the right place because as a writer myself, I can assure you, we are fairly easy to please on the gift front. It's important to realize that someone who loves to write, whether that's on a computer, handwritten journals, notebook or loose leaf paper, has a need to take words, sentences, … [Read more...]

Writing a Christmas Letter for your Christmas Cards

Writing A Christmas Letter

Christmas Cards are¬†typically¬†a brief greeting that one sends out to family and friends and I recently wrote about simple messages that can go into a Christmas card here. Writing a yearly Christmas letter that goes along with your Christmas cards can be a fantastic enhancement to your efforts. A Christmas Letter is something that you can type up once, print off on your … [Read more...]

Personalized Stationery For Kids

Affordable Personalized Stationery For Kids

One of my friends recently asked me about personalized stationery for kids. Specifically, for her daughter who is 9 years old. First off, it's always time to get young kids in the habit of writing little notes for any reason. Giving the young ones personalized stationery will help add a degree of 'mine' to the act. My daughters loved the process of writing a note, putting … [Read more...]