Writing a Christmas Letter for your Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards are typically a brief greeting that one sends out to family and friends and I recently wrote about simple messages that can go into a Christmas card here.

Writing a yearly Christmas letter that goes along with your Christmas cards can be a fantastic enhancement to your efforts.

A Christmas Letter is something that you can type up once, print off on your computer (on pretty Christmas letterhead) and fold up to include in your Christmas cards.

If you don’t want to include it in your Christmas Card or if you would prefer to just send one Christmas letter out (instead of doing Christmas Cards) that’s perfectly acceptable as well!

Just make sure you purchase matching envelopes with your Holiday letterhead.

Now, about what could go into a Christmas letter. First off, anything you’d like.

Usually people use this form of Holiday correspondence to highlight or recap their personal year. This is a wonderful way to touch base with family and friends if you don’t live near them. Include pictures in your letter! Most writing software allows images to be included, so don’t forget to give the reader of your letter a visual image as well.

As for an example I could offer, this is a quick write up of something akin to what I would send out this year:

Writing A Christmas LetterDear Family and Friends,

Another year has past us by and we (or I if this is a personal perceptive letter just about you) have been busy in our family!

In January, Robert started a new company that has kept us really busy and feeling blessed by his success. In this economy, we know start ups are risky, but thankfully with the support from everyone around us, we are doing well.

In March we celebrated both girls birthdays and I can’t believe they are 19 and 16 this year. For teenage girls they have been nothing but a joy and for that we are grateful.

In April we moved into our new house and we have loved being here. The neighborhood is great, we are close to family which is wonderful and best of all, we are close to the highschool and college the girls go to. I’ll call it a gas saving move!

Sadly we lost our old Lab Sako this summer. She had a great long life for a dog, but we miss her!

Shelby is successfully wading through her 2nd year of college and centered on focusing on a criminal justice degree. She continues to amaze us and we couldn’t be more proud of how solid she is moving into adulthood. She is still dating Austin and as always, loves when she gets to go shopping, hang out with friends and give smiles to those around her.

Kaitlyn is in her junior year in high school and is working on a full AP schedule of senior classes. She loves her artwork, music and hanging out with her boyfriend Steven. She’s still looking to be a scientist someday and we have no doubt that’s exactly where she’ll be headed. Until then, we just get to enjoy spending time with her.

I’ve been keeping really busy this year. Supporting Robert with his newest endeavor keeps half my time tied up and the other half is spent writing, maintaining clients and running my other businesses. Sadly, this is the last year I get to claim I’m in my 30’s, but I’m putting on a brave face for my upcoming 4-0 (gulp)

We hope this letter finds all of our family and friends doing well and we hope to see many of you this holiday season. Know we are thinking of you and sending our blessing and good wishes. Enjoy the magic this season and don’t forget to smile, laugh and create lifelong memories.

Love the Us Family

That’s the general idea…..

Obviously, one would personalize it and the information included is completely individual to you and your life. But this really is a wonderful way to update family and friends and this is a great time of the year to do it.

Wishing YOU a wonderful holiday season,


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