Journals are Binding

Start with a Good Binding
~ Start with a Good Binding ~

Journals are the backbone of a personal history. Nothing says individual experience more than, Dear Diary, backed up by writing that pours from the mind and heart. I have journals for every need. Random thoughts, sketches, poetry, stories, day to day meanderings and simple observations to name a few.

No matter how many journals I acquire, I’m of the belief there’s always room for more and a new purpose to be discovered. I’ve got my favorites, which I’ll write about at a later time, but the basic design remains. A good binding, quality paper and various textures and ‘feels’ are the most important.

I’ve yet to discover the most perfect journal out there, but hopefully in time I’ll come as close to perfection that can be had. Until then, it’s all about exploration and the never ending quest to discover new designs.


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