Leather Journals with Amalfi Paper, Pure Beauty

Leather Journals with Amalfi Paper
~Leather Journals with Amalfi Paper~

From the moment I discovered the pure joy of Amalfi paper, I coveted a journal made with it’s exquisite pages.  The first time I googled and discovered one, my jaw dropped and I started saving pennies….The price of these journals aren’t for the faint of heart, but the smell, the touch, the way the paper accepts a pen are certainly worth the covet and price of admission.

I have one. A special present I gave myself. My extraordinary journal is reserved for my pre-drafted, fine tuned, edited prose and passages. I think if I ever misspelled a single word while carefully writing in it, I would faint away. It’s that special and I treat it as an irreplaceable sentiment I treasure.

For those who observe their writing experience as more then just writing a few thoughts everyday in a random notebook, a journal with Amalfi writing paper can enhance the experience to a level of appreciation other journals just can’t achieve. I can’t recommend it enough ~


Product Description
Handmade & handstitched, using the finest Nabuk Leather that exists in Italy and filled with handmade Amalfi paper. An Italian Masterpiece! 3 sizes available-

Product Link ~ Medieval Leather Journals with Amalfi Paper

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