Leather Journal: Small Graces With Big Impact

~The Smallest Journal I Own~
~The Smallest Journal I Own~

At this point in time, I don’t believe I could own a smaller, high quality leather journal. Again, meandering around Etsy I stumbled upon this itty bitty charmer. I have alot of journals, shelves and shelves of them, but what I didn’t have before coming across this corner of Etsy was a teenie tiny one. Of course I had to have it for my collection.

The little journal is hand bound with fantastic paper. It has a nice closure of sorts and feels wonderful to the touch. One may wonder what someone does with such a small journal and I’ll share what I did with mine. I filled each page with a word that I loved. Almost like an affirmation style reminder book. I keep my little journal next to my bed stand and every few nights I thumb through it enjoying the words for what they are.

The seller has many, many styles, colors, shapes and sizes of journals on their website. Based on the quality of my little tiny journal I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase any journal they offer and will most likely buy from them again. Shipping time was not bad either for being out of the United States~


Product Description: This itty bitty teeny tiny little leather journal has 32 pages and it is just 1¼” x ¾” (3cm x 2cm).
The wrap-around cover is dark brown deerskin leather which is really soft. It is bound using linen thread. The linen thread is also used as a strap to wrap around the book to keep it tidy and snug.
The paper is cream-coloured, 25% cotton, and 24lb weight. There are 32 pages (when you count both sides of each sheet).
NB: Book size is just 1¼” x ¾” (3cm x 2cm)!
Product Link: My Handbound Books

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