Cavallin Leather Journal for the Writer in You

I could own a hundred of these journals.

But for now, I own 3 ~

Three because I like to write different themes into each separate journal and these journals represent the ‘final draft’ or final word of anything I’ve been working on.

Mixing various writing styles into one expensive leather journal feels all wrong (to me) and I imagine other people who are writers could understand my feelings about keeping writing themes nicely separated.

Mixing things up–from a writers perspective– is what moleskin notebooks, or other various cheaper variety journals are for…

Cavallini Roma Lussa Leather Journal
A Writers Tool

At the moment, the 3 Cavallini journals I own house different final musings.

  1. Cradles my poetry and random stream of conscious thoughts.
  2. Houses short stories that are completed (short stories that started as draft modes in my moleskin notebooks)
  3. My gratitude journal.

And I have no doubt when I purchase more of these leather journals, I’ll find more reasons for their individual purpose.

The thing about having multiple journals such as these higher priced journals is they are for the long haul. These journals of mine have been deemed the sentimental treasures. The journals I’ll pass on to my next generations and hopefully they will remain within my family long after I’ve gone.

I take great care when I write in them and the enjoyment I get from opening them up and reading what I’ve wrote in the past is always soothing.

Journal Pictured:  Cavallini Roma Lussa Leather Journal, 5×7 inch, Hand Made in Italy, Chocolate

  • 5×7 inch Leather Roma Lussa Journal – Hand Made in Florence, Italy
  • Makes a Sophisticated Gift for an Aspiring Writer or Journalist
  • Ivory-laid style, unlined pages with hand-marbleized edges
  • 400 Pages (200 sheets) of Acid-free, Un-lined Paper Help Preserve Your Writings and Memories
  • Fits Perfectly into the Palm of Your Hand – Take it Anywhere

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