Personalized Stationery For Kids

Affordable Personalized Stationery For Kids

One of my friends recently asked me about personalized stationery for kids. Specifically, for her daughter who is 9 years old. First off, it's always time to get young kids in the habit of writing little notes for any reason. Giving the young ones personalized stationery will help add a degree of 'mine' to the act. My daughters loved the process of writing a note, putting … [Read more...]

Cavallin Leather Journal for the Writer in You


I could own a hundred of these journals. But for now, I own 3 ~ Three because I like to write different themes into each┬áseparate┬ájournal and these journals represent the 'final draft' or final word of anything I've been working on. Mixing various writing styles into one expensive leather journal feels all wrong (to me) and I imagine other people who are writers could … [Read more...]

Holiday Correspondence: Cavallini Christmas Postcard Set

Holiday Postcards, Seasons Greetings, Postcard

I absolutely love this postcard set. I first discovered them a few years ago and not a season has gone by that I haven't grabbed a couple of these sets of postcards to add to my holiday correspondence cache. The picture will never do it justice, but there is glitter (not at all in a tacky way) outlining the different shapes in each postcard and it's beautiful. For a quick … [Read more...]

Amalfi Handmade Stationery: Extraordinary

Amalfi Writing Paper, Writing Penpals, Hand Written Letters

I get a lot of search traffic looking for what I consider the Holy Grail of writing stationery---Italian Amalfi Handmade Stationery. If you've come here wondering about it, let me tell you, there is nothing like Amalfi paper. It's divine to the touch. It takes the ink from almost any type of pen like water rolls over rocks in a river. When you take the time to send a … [Read more...]

Christmas Cards, What to Write Inside…


It happens every year. I sit down with 3 or 4 boxes of newly purchased Christmas cards. A long (long) list of addresses and it's time to write 60+ Christmas greetings to family and friends and I ponder... ...what to write inside a Christmas Card this year... As much as I would love to say I write a personal and unique message to each and every person on my Christmas card … [Read more...]