What to write in a Christmas Thank You

Christmas Thank YouChristmas Thank You Cards are a perfect way to follow up with someone after Christmas for many reasons.

  • You received a gift from someone
  • Someone did something nice for you or your family
  • You want to show appreciation to someone for any reason you feel good about
  • Someone baked you holiday cookies…or even gave you a fruit cake (grin)
  • Someone helped you, or someone you know when they needed it
  • And a hundred other reasons to show gratitude…

The wording for a Holiday Thank You card can be fairly simple or you can be as detailed as you’d like. Here a few a samples to get you going….

Thank you for a Gift: 

Dear So & So:
Thank you so much for the XYZ. I love it and will cherish it for a long time to come.

I wanted to send you a note to Thank You for the wonderful XYZ. You spoiled me rotten this year and I’m still grinning from ear to ear. Wishing you a wonderful New Year to come and thank you again, for the gift and for being you.

Thank you again for the wonderful gift. Your generosity and kindness shined through this season and I’m grateful you are in my life!

From my Family to your we wanted to thank you for all the wonderful gifts this season.

I know I said it 20 times in person, but I wanted to send you a Thank you for the amazing gift you gave me. I love it and promise to treasure it for a long time to come. Thank you again (and again and again) You are amazing.

Thank You for Attending an Event: 

Dear So & So,
Thank you for coming to our yearly Christmas Party. We had a wonderful time with everyone and look forward to next years event! Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

I wanted to thank you for participating in our Fundraiser. The event was a success and we were able to help many in need. We really appreciated your support and thank you again!

From our Family to yours, we wanted to thank you for coming for Christmas! We had a blast and made memories that will last a lifetime. Wishing you well as we approach the New Year and thank you again for being an important part of our Holidays.

Thank You For Support:

Dear So & So,
I wanted to thank you again for the support you showed during the Holidays. My family really appreciated it and you made a real difference in our lives. Thank You.

Thank you for your recent donation to a cause we feel so strongly about. You’ve made a difference and we appreciate it very much.

I’m not sure what Christmas would have been without your support this Holiday Season, but I wanted to thank you for making such a difference in our lives. Be blessed throughout the New Year and thank you.

 And so on depending on your individual reasons for a Thank You. 

If someone in your life did a nice deed over the Holidays for you,
than you have the perfect reason to send them a Christmas Thank You 

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