Stationery With Movement

Sealed with a Stamp
~ Sealed with a Stamp ~

There is nothing stationary about stationery. We purchase it with care and intention. We place our words and thoughts upon it’s black space and then lovingly seal it up and send it away for others to enjoy. In my opinion, that is movement with profound impact.

I’ve never met a person that didn’t exclaim how much they enjoy getting something tangible in the mail. A small letter can bring someone joy and delight to an otherwise mundane afternoon. The truth is, an email just doesn’t hold the same impact that a stamp and carefully written note card carries,  no matter how well it was written.

I’ve written letters by hand and sent them away from the time I was a teenager. I sought out potential ‘penpals’ and hoped my words were making a difference in someones day. I’ve learned a few lessons over the years which I’m sure will make their way into the pages here. I’ve also gained a level of enjoyment I never could have comprehended when I sent my first one page letter to my Grandmother all those years ago…….


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