Letters Sealed With a Stamp

 Philately: The collection and study of postage stamps and other postal materials.

~For The Love Of Stamps~
~For The Love Of Stamps~

Of all the things I could fall under, I don’t believe philately is one of them, however, I do love stamps. I patiently wait for the United States Post Office to release stamps that will compliment the outside of my envelopes in color, mood, and maybe even theme on a monthly basis. I even visit the USPS website in anticipation of stamps………..

And right now, today….the current choices are just awful. I wonder if it’s really too much to ask for classic lines, or sophisticated prints. Is it such a stretch to desire stamps with a bit of appeal and respectability? No matter how hard I try, I can’t convince myself a Disney stamp would compliment any of the letters I write. In my apparently snob stamp mentality, I feel cartoons and stamps are two categories that shouldn’t be mingled–unless of course, you are only a stamp collector and have no intention of sending them off.

When I swiped the picture I’m showing on this page off google, I drooled. The colors! The vibrancy! The beauty! Why oh why can’t the U.S. post office offer such possibilities on a regular basis? I would pay extra. I would infuse the post office with a stamp premium to help with the monetary shortfall they are always crying about. I would do that for my country, I would happily pay more money for choices and elegance. In a stamp heartbeat.

I understand to some this may seem a trivial issue, stamp appearance. However, I believe those that take the time to discover the perfect stationery or notecard, pen a heartfelt letter, script the address beautifully will not enjoy slapping Jetsons cartoon stamp on as the final touch.

A stamp is part of the letter writing process and maybe some would never notice such a small token of snail mail payment, but I do. Today I plee to those who control what stamps are coming down the postal highway, please, no more cartoons. With all the beauty in this world to choose from, the possibilities are endless.


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