Writing From Both Sides

~ Writing By Hand ~

Every Website must have a beginning and I’ll make this entry simple.

Writing by hand is the black and white premise of Patrons of The Pen. Maybe it’s contradictory to write about handwriting via a computer…out on the Internet, but I believe the two can meld together. I know I’m not the only one who has surfed the google highway in pursuit of new journals that make my mouth water or stationery that begs to be covered with words and sent away with a stamp.

I’ve visited website after website looking for others who share my same passion and sadly found myself frustrated the majority of the time. The mainstream has implied that email has overpowered handwritten letters and blogs have replaced journals/diaries. Perhaps. But I’d bet my favorite pen that there is still a group of people out there that appreciate the basics. I refuse to believe that both forms of written relics are headed into oblivion……..


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