Writing a Thank You Card: Any Type Will Do

~This Thank You set is $5.95~
~This Thank You set is $5.95~

Meandering around the Google landscape seeking those and that, which circle around writing, letters, stationery and journals, I’ve noticed a general ‘question’ out there. It goes a bit like this, “how to write a thank you note” or “should I write a thank you note” or even…”can I just email a thank you?” ….so today I thought I’d throw in my 44 cent stamp on the question as well.

I could make this easy and say, “it’s very easy” &  absolutely “yes” and “only via email if you truly, 100% cannot purchase a stamp”……I am of the belief that the thank you note is one of the simpliest and most effective ways to show appreciation and gratitude to another human being.

~Here are a few suggestions in the art of writing the Thank You Letter~

~First and foremost, I suggest purchasing a box of simple thank you notes. I believe when we keep a set of thank you notes in the house, we are more likely to write a quick note, for big things, medium things and even the little things. It takes a conscious effort to run to the store to purchase a single thank you card, something a person might overlook, or get too busy to do, but having thank you cards in the house makes the gesture as easy as taking 2 minutes for a short note, or as long as we wish for a long note.

~ Thank You notes should be wrote for anything a person feels appreciation for. Whether that be for a gift someone gave us, a helping hand they extended, or even for a piece of needed advice that was given. Gratitude not shared is like wrapping a present for a loved one that you never intend to give them…

~What to write…….A thank you note doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. There’s a good chance you’ve already verbally told the person thank you, but you want to show an extra token of thanks. Here are a few examples of easy ways to convey gratitude.

  • Thank you for helping me with ______ I really appreciated it.
  • I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift. Your thoughtfulness really meant a lot to me.
  • Your help this last (or with) _____ meant the world to me. Thank you for giving of your time. It meant a lot to me that day.
  • Thank you for making me laugh so hard at dinner. It felt great to simply enjoy your company and life.
  • Thank you for picking up all your toys when I didn’t even ask! I am so proud to be your Mom. (kids LOVE getting little thank you notes)
  • Thank you for being you. Having you in my world is the best gift of all.

~ A thank you note doesn’t have to be on a specialized card. It can be written on a sheet of paper, a notepad or even a post it note. What matters is a note was wrote and given to the person we feel gratitude towards. Write it on a napkin at a restaurant and slide it  across to the person you feel grateful for. Any token of written thanks can make another persons day.

~An Email Thank You. Well, only if they are a contact online and you don’t have their home address. The thing to consider is a person can’t hold an email. They can’t touch it and it lacks any sort of personal touch. They can print it off, but it will still never hold the same sentiment value that a handwritten note will carry. Of course, an email is better then nothing, then again, so is a text message. Make a memorable impact, send a handwritten note if at all possible.


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