Amalfi Stationery: Paper to Covet and Experience

Amalfi Stationery Set
~Amalfi Stationery Set~

When I first purchased an Amalfi Watermarked stationery set, I did it on a leap of faith. I couldn’t touch the paper prior to purchase, or smell it, or test a pen out on it, but when I first discovered it on a website I was mesmerized. I could see from the picture and description it had the potential to be the stationery I had been looking long and hard for.

I wanted something elegant and refined for my correspondence. I wanted extraordinary. I coveted stationery that would be an experience for both myself when I was writing on it, onto the postman that touched it from my mailbox……and anyone else that touched my letter on its journey, all the way to the receivers final enjoyment.

After I purchased my first (of many) sets, I carefully penned a letter to my friend Judith, the one person I knew would recognise she was holding stationery perfection, and waited for her verdict. I was not disappointed. She adored it. Since then, we have both worshipped the ground Amalfi paper walks on, it’s that enjoyable……..

The paper I coveted needed to stand on it’s own, before my words ever soaked into it’s texture. Amalfi stationery has done just that and more ~Thank you Italy!

Product Information..and this says it all:

Amalfi Paper

Luxurious Amalfi stationery, from one of the most renowned paper making centers in Europe, has been made by hand from the finest cotton since the 14th century. Its soft texture is incomparable and filled with elegance and character. Located on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, this paper mill has produced exquisite stationery continuously since 1380. Each sheet is crafted with the utmost care, using many of the methods first developed in the Middle Ages.

Amalfi Watermarked Stationery Set (8.25 x 11.5) watermarked by cartiera amatruda

Product Link (where I have safely purchased from) Vickerey Amalfi Papers (a great assortment)

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