Stationery With Style: Unexpected Letters

~Cherries and Cream, An accordion book collection~
~Cherries and Cream, An accordion collection~

As I’ve mentioned before, Etsy is a wonderful place to discover handmade and unique items. I like knowing I’m purchasing something that can’t be found in every department store or is run of the mill.

What I also love about Etsy is the chance to run across something that isn’t necessary meant for one thing, but can be easily converted to another. These little accordion books were just that for me.

I was delighted by these mini-books which I used as unique stationery. I observered them as a sweet and unexpected for surprise for the recipient that could be unwrapped and was visually stimulating. The sellers shop has several different colors and patterns to pick from and it should be noted, they fold out into a very nice size.

The handmade quality was perfect and will certainly withstand time and handling. Sending these unique little letters  in the mail was just a matter of buying a small padded envelope, slipping in the letter and sending it off on the snails back. I even kept one for myself to write some prose in~

Product Description: 3 Hand Folded Accordion Books Wrapped in Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon. These books are bound with fine washi and domestic etching print making paper. They are an exquisite and original keepsake.
“Write a Poem
Draw a Picture
Send A Letter
Announce a Celebration
Hide them for the Curious”
(Suggestion tag included)
Each book opens to 16″x4″ and folds neatly into a 1″x4″ book.
Patterns vary slightly from books in photo, intricate washi prints make each set an original.
Product Link: Littleput: Handmade Books, Photograph Blocks & Jewelry

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