The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

A Letter by Vincent
A Letter by Vincent

As much as I enjoy writing letters and sending them outbound on the back of the slow snail, I equally enjoy reading letters, collecting letters and studying the art of other peoples written expression.

Vincent Van Gogh and his collection of letters is right up my alley. In a voyeuristic tone, we can all enjoy his written letters that are often complimented with beautiful sketches. It’s a feast for the eyes and mind to peruse this website~~~~>The Vincent van Gogh Letters

I won’t admit the amount of time I’ve lingered on those pages, but I will say, it’s worth it. The tone, the thoughts, the artist who was also a writer, Vincent is an impressive study. I can’t help but think it’s a good thing he wasn’t born of our time. Email could never have captured his persona like those letters have.

Go forth and enjoy,

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