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~Cranes Brown Bordered Monarch Stationery~
~Cranes Brown Bordered Monarch Stationery~

I can count on Crane & Co. to fill in every stationery gap I may encounter. Whether that be simple correspondence cards, enjoyable letter stationery sets or a Kate Spade paper (not handbag) indulgence.

Because I live in Boise Idaho, the ability to go purchase decent stationery is limited and paltry. So it’s usually the online world for me to stock my shelves with the ‘good stuff’ …I’ve purchased from the Crane & Co online store several times in the past and was always happy with the service and shipping.

One staple that I’ve counted on for years has been their Monarch letter sheets sets. They are a glorious size for when you need to write a nice long letter. The paper is heavy enough to absorb a flowing ink pen without bleeding and soft enough to the touch that the texture experience is one of true quality. The coordinating envelopes are well done and add that extra ‘kick’ to the entire set.


I’m featuring the Crane Monarch Sheet White With Navy Triple Hairline Frame set because evidently Crane is going to break my stationery heart by not carrying the Black Bordered set any more which had been a favorite of mine for years. I was worried when I saw the black set online displayed in the sale section, but figured….hey, I’ll just purchase every set they have left and that would carry me for MANY years……but despite the picture, I couldn’t find it!!! And so, I saved the picture for nostalgic memories and shall now learn to love the Brown set just as much as the black set. (Message to Crane ~ BRING BLACK BACK)

Product Description: Crane Monarch Sheet White With Navy Triple Hairline Frame
The stately detail of three fine hairlines frames this Pearl White Kid Finish® sheet. Monarch size folds in thirds. Computer printable, heavyweight 100% cotton paper. Matching envelopes
Product Link: Crane & Co

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