An Everyday Stationery: G. Lalo Verge De France

Available in many different color versions

I've come to rely on a few types of stationery that fall into the 'old reliable' category in my stationery arsenal. Everyone needs a stationery that is enjoyable in an all purpose---YET---elegant and respectable sort of way. Meaning, if I want to fire off a quick letter that perhaps isn't long and drawn out, then I need a stationery that is not only affordable, it stands … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Stationery and Cards

Beautiful Thanksgiving Stationery

I look at any holiday as a great opportunity to reach out to friends and loved ones through the snail mail system to brighten their day. I believe because Thanksgiving falls right before the Christmas season, it tends to get over looked in the card department. However, the basis of Thanksgiving should definitely be a reason to send a holiday card and tell a person why you … [Read more...]

Handmade Stationery For the Senses

Penpals, Writing Sheets, Stationery, Hand written letters

So I'll just admit it. I have a special thing for natural handmade stationery. Well, maybe a 'special thing' is explaining it lightly. I have a very real attraction to a paper that feels like it has individuality and personality. Natural paper does that for me. The feel, the look, the way it absorbs ink from the right pen. I believe the act of handwriting letters … [Read more...]

Stationery With Style: Unexpected Letters

Stationery, Penpals, Writing Letters to Others

As I've mentioned before, Etsy is a wonderful place to discover handmade and unique items. I like knowing I'm purchasing something that can't be found in every department store or is run of the mill. What I also love about Etsy is the chance to run across something that isn't necessary meant for one thing, but can be easily converted to another. These little accordion books … [Read more...]

Crane & Co. A Reliable Stationery Go To

~Cranes Brown Bordered Monarch Stationery~

I can count on Crane & Co. to fill in every stationery gap I may encounter. Whether that be simple correspondence cards, enjoyable letter stationery sets or a Kate Spade paper (not handbag) indulgence. Because I live in Boise Idaho, the ability to go purchase decent stationery is limited and paltry. So it's usually the online world for me to stock my shelves with the … [Read more...]